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The 'Queen of Gems' has spoken. Sima Khorsandi acquired this title at some point in the midst of her 30-year expedition sourcing, appreciating, and distilling gem stones. This sultry, burlesque, and daringly complicated ingènue has made pilgrimage to rare mines around the world, unearthing the best quality gem stones and stylizing them with her own touch of délicat.

The culmination of her efforts has spawned her birthchild. The brand Sima K is Sima's sexy avatar. A collection of bold, vibrant, smart, and haute jewelry that represents an extension of Sima's own effervescent personality and natural joie de vivre.

Her inspiration however is not as extraordinarily complicated as she. As a single mother, Sima strives to prove to her two sons that through motivation, hard work, some natural talent, and a lot of business savvy, success is inevitable.

This ethereal success, that she now shares with the world, is manifested in fine jewelry pieces that are functional yet daringly creative, quintessential while seamlessly standing apart, and elaborate but not superficial.

As Sima portrays, "I grab the creative and fun look of costume jewelry and adapt it to create genuine accessory pieces that are fashionable, versatile, well-priced, and possess indefinite value."

Sima launches Sima K at the apex of her corporate career. Re-emerging as a nouveau designer, Sima has established herself as a lauded TV personality, appearing on prestigious television networks around the world, accredited for her distinct style and illuminating passion for what she does. Sima's relentless yearning to be extraordinary propels her to nurture her brand, as she creates and re-creates, with hopes of becoming a global phenomena.


Due to popular demand, we created this online boutique for our lovely fans.