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Under the Sea

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Sima-K' Cleopatra Silver rhodium ring with swiss blue topaz,orange sapphire & white topaz
Cleopatra in a high dome with sparkling Orange Sapphires… something that is rare with Blue
Sima K 'Cobble Stone' silver ring with sky blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz and white topaz
Cobble stones have never been more seductive… 
Sima-K 'Summer Lovin' Two tone silver rhodium & 14k rose gold vermeil ring with sky blue topaz and blue diamond
A stunning representation of summer skies and wondrous waters. Yes, Summer Lovin' can happen
Sima K 'Blue Grotto' Silver rhodium ring with sky blue topaz & swiss blue topaz.
A unique take on one of the seven wonders of the world: The Blue Grotto of Italy's Amalfi
Sima K Silver Rhodium ring with london blue topaz & white topaz.