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Sima K 13.20ct Amethyst and Ruby Sterling Silver Checkerboard-Cut Earrings
In another life, these earrings might have come with a scepter. Put on airs wearing a grand ..
Sima K Sterling Silver Earring with Amethyst and Ruby in rhodium
Sima K 'Simply Breathtaking' Silver rhodium & enamel Pin/Pendant with amethyst & multi semi precious gem stones
Amethyst alone is easy on the eye. Amethyst surrounded by multi semi precious stones is simply br..
Sima K Silver rodium pin & pendant with prenite & multi semi precious stone.
Every Sima K pendant comes with an 18"silver chain. ..
Sima K rhodium enamel ring with amethyst and multi semi precious stone.
Sima-K Silver 'Lioness' Ring with Ruby and Smokey Quartz
"The Safari Gems" my beautiful lioness with her precious rubies watching you. ..
Sima K Silver 14K yellow vermeil ring with amethyst ,ruby & white topaz.
Sima K 'Bright and Beauteous' Two Tone sterling silver rhodium & 14k yellow gold vermeil ring with citrine,ruby & white topaz
Classy, pristine, and reminicent of Queen Elizabeth II's love for bright, welcoming designs. ..
Sima-K 'Fearless' silver rhodium ring with amethyst, ruby and white topaz.
A fierce and fearless interpretation of the passionate purple amethyst and ruby stones.  ..
Sima K 9.50ct Amethyst and Ruby Sterling Silver Checkerboard-Cut Ring in 14K Yellow Gold Vermeil